If you can't join as a programmer or a designer or in product development but have enough experience you still can join by posting challenges that innovators can work on and find solutions for. We will be finding together technology solutions withing the below objectives.

We are looking for ideas that:

1. Support medical and healthcare system

- Support the treatment process and the availability of needed medical equipment and tools.
- Ease the diagnosis process.
- Provide means of virtual examinations and help reducing the load on the healthcare systems.
- Facilitate medical communication channels.

2. Work on damage control

- Coming up with tools & platforms that help navigating the crisis.
- Developing means of protection and infection control.

3. Raise awareness and provide guided information

- Provide needed knowledge related to medical advice, statistics, and means of protection.

4. Support isolation

- Ideas that ease life while keeping everyone isolated at home.

5. Other topics

- You can still join with other topics if you can't find the other 4 tracks enough to fight against COVID-19